A malleable 3D mapping system for pre-modern maps and views

What is the Sandcastle Workflow?

Outputs from "the Sandcastle workflow" includes both a technical workflow to help scholars create 3-D visualizations of premodern maps and views, as well as a research workflow that includes annotated bibliographies and a database of premodern maps and views.

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Inspiration for the Sandcastle Project

This project was inspired by previous work on "The Book of Fortresses" as well as research focused on chorographic views of London and Lisbon.

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Database of premodern city views

Beginning in the summer of 2020, our team began collecting premodern "maps" that have been described using the following terms: Chorographies, Views (Incl. Oblique, Bird's-eye, Perspective, Landscape), Prospects, Profiles, Portraits, Panoramas. We collected our findings in an Airtable database.

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How did we annotate these chorographic views?

The Sandcastle Annotation process can be broken down into 4 main steps - create labels, outline a façade, assign the façade to tags, and link associated facades together.

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