Student Blog Posts

Posts authored by student researchers as part of their work on a 2020-2021 Duke Bass Connections team.

Spring 2021 Reflection

For my Houdini tasks, I focused on the set up of the camera. My time was split between experimenting with the parameters of the camera node, learning how to make the image projected by the camera match the original chorography as much as possible, and investigating how to move the 2-D & 3-D objects in the Houdini environment while maintain the appearance (via scale) of the projected image.

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Assembling the Network

The Houdini network of the Sandcastle project is a reflection of the team’s division of work, according to people’s area of specialty.

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Goa Analysis

Located on the southwestern coast of the Indian subcontinent, Goa functioned as an integral port to Western European, specifically Portuguese, colonists, merchants, priests, and sailors. In the late sixteenth century, Portugal acquired Goa as a territorial possession. As with its other colonies, Portugal maintained a policy of “assimilation” with the inhabitants of Goa.[1]The policy attempted to raise the colonized people to the preeminent status of its Portuguese colonizers. Eventually, the Portuguese Republic recognized the colony of Goa as “equal” and consequently, awarded the region equal civic privileges to Lisbon. Resultantly, Goa economically boomed and grew into a central trading destination and “worth” acknowledgement in Western European reference books and other materials, such as Civitates Orbis Terrarum.

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